Sunday, March 18, 2007

March 17, 2007 - St. Patrick's Day Hearts

John and Dawn hosted 12 of us for a little St. Patrick's Day card playing. Dan, John, Sue and Lisa were at table 1; Steve, Cindy, Dawn and Andy were at table 2 while Beth, Debbie, Mark and Toni rounded out table 3.

The championship table included 1st round winners Dan, Mark and Steve as well as Cindy, occupying the 65th team in the NCAA tournament-like position of having "achieved" the honor of being the lowest scoring member of the 1st round losers. Come'on, wouldn't you rather have a chance or winning a couple NIT games then suffering a 1st round blow-out in the BIG dance?

Inspired (or possibly confused) by the basketball games on the big screen, Cindy was gobbling up the points like a woman possessed and after 6 rounds had a commanding lead with 75 points. Mark, being the gentleman that he is, discreetly pointed out that the object was to get the LEAST number of points. It was too late, however, as Mark was a man on a mission after he had seen Debbie's photo (not that photo!) on the web earlier in the evening and knew it would be a special evening if he could bring home the trophy. After all, this was the same house that Debbie had achieved her greatest heart's achievement with her shocking victory so many moons ago (calendar months, not "shoot the moons"). Nice job Mark with your 6th victory.

Next meeting: April 14th at Toni and Andy's estate