Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Tainted my @&#!!! A victory is a victory!"

The great Samual Clemmons, better known as Mark Twain, once told the tale of how a young lad somehow duped a group of friends into whitewashing the fence while he sat back, relaxed and watched as they did his job. The eleven unsuspecting souls who showed up for a friendly game of hearts left Cindy's house feeling as if they were victimized by a Tom Sawyer-like trick as the "victor" for the evening couldn't even win his opening game. He did, somehow, take home the trophy. Sit back and relive the tale of a tainted victory.

Cindy was a proud championship entry from the table of Dan, Debbie and Steve K. as was Steve H. (table of John, Sue and Andy) and Lisa (table of Terri, Toni and Mark). This is where it gets interesting and ironic (interestonic ?). Mark, the proud owner of the phrase: "It would be a tainted victory if you got to the championship round with a 2nd place finish in the qualifying round", had no issue with this when the shoe was on the other foot (his!!). He didn't even hang his head in shame as he played his way to victory over the 3 deserving (?) opponents who had actually won their first games.

I have always been a believer that the goal of the first round is merely to get a seat at the championship table and Mark did this. He also won with the impressive "shoot the moon" on the last hand to squeak out a 2 point victory. Congratulations Mark on your 2nd victory of the year and your new nickname......Mark Taint.
P.S. Has anyone noticed that it has been a men's victory parade for the last 8 months? October 2006 was the last trophy taking for the fairer sex. How long can the streak continue?