Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tainted as it was, Mark breaks through for the men

Despite the late arrivals of Beth, Steve and Sue (rumor has it there was skinny dipping involved!), we had 13 players all here to see if Cindy could run the streak to 4 in a row. However, Cindy appeared to be more set on getting Jan out the game as quick as possible and lost track of the fact that Dan and Mark were advancing to the championship table while she saw her streak come to halt. It was a nice streak Cindy, good job!

We had another marathon opening game... this time at a table of three!!?!!? The lovebirds and Andy trudged their way to a somewhat controversial ending. Who was letting who shoot and why was the queen being given to the high guy? Steve H. ended up being the last one standing. John rounded out the championship table. The all male group ensured the women's 4 month hold on the trophy was ending.

Mark started out quick in the championship round, shooting on the 1st 2 hands. Doesn't anyone know how to pass a low heart? (Dan and Steve!!). It was the consensus feeling at the table that Mark would not even attempt to win since he would not want to suffer the embarrassment of coming to the championship round through the back door and then end up taking home a tainted trophy. Apparently he has no shame and the 52 point deficit was too much to overcome and Mark walked away with his overall 8th trophy. Congratulations Mark!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The trifecta for Cindy - 3 in a row!!

Although no one submitted an entry for September, that does not take away from the fact that Cindy won for the 2nd consecutive month in September. Impressive, yes? How about a 3rd consecutive win in October? A feat only duplicated once prior in the club's lengthy history....I wonder who did that? With the 3 consecutive victories under her belt and 2 months left to play, can she win the unprecedented 4th in a row or possibly get a 5th in a row to tie for the most wins in a year?

The only thing that marred the evening (other than the Illini loss) was the excruciatingly long first round game between Terri, Steve K., Toni and Cindy that took an HOUR and FORTY minutes!!!! Was this a tactic used by Cindy to lull her competition to sleep? Looks like the suggestion of a 1 hour time limit made once upon a time by a wise man may need to be reconsidered.

Do you believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny even though you have never seen them? Rumor has it a certain little construction project may be in the club's near future. No skinny dipping allowed!!!