Friday, July 13, 2007

Ok ladies, a little good natured ribbing regarding the men's winning streak (8 months if you had forgotten) and you took it to the extreme (surprise, surprise!). A simple victory would have been fine but no, you had to have 75% of the players in the final game to increase your odds of total domination.

The opening round saw 2 tables of 3 (Beth, Debbie and Lisa at 1 and Cindy, Steve and Andy at the other) and 1 table of 4 which had Dan, Toni, Terri and John. The championship table consisted of Beth, Lisa (the "taint" entry), Terri and Andy who would battle it out for the trophy. Despite having only 1 entry the men were confident that the talents of the 2 time 2007 winner gave them more than enough weapons to continue the men's streak (easy girls, we kept our clothes on!). Club founder (and creator of the new "humiliation due to hearts" necklace) Beth, could no longer handle all the male bravado and took it as a personal challenge to win back the trophy....which she did. As she lovingly stroked the golden beauty in her arms it was rumored she mumbled under her breath "if I came every month there never would have been any streak in the first place."

Congratulations Beth on what could be the beginning of a streak of another flavor. See everyone at the lake.

ps John was recipient of the necklace of shame.