Sunday, April 22, 2007

April 14th, 2007 - Innocence lost

Eleven players enthusiastically showed up to see the long awaited unveiling of the new bathroom that we have heard about for what seems like years. There was a buzz within the group speculating who would be the first to christen the cold, pearly-white ceramic throne. The owners were obviously quite proud and I believe I heard the comment: "It's so powerful it can suck white off rice!"

Once excitement of the new crapper had settled down, Mark took 1st place from the table of Andy, Lisa and Dan. Steve H. took Mary and Toni to school at the table of three and the other Steve beat Sue, Beth and Teri. Beth represented the best of the rest and rounded out the championship table of Mark, Steve k., and Steve H.

Although Mark had the early lead, a poorly timed hand of 20 put Steve H. in the lead for good and elevated him out of the V.V. club (Victory virgin). Many members have been in this club for years and Steve H. has now experienced the sweet taste of victory in less than a year. Realizing that her man had taken home the trophy, Teri jumped to her feet and declared he didn't need to drive home, a little trophy polishing party maybe? Congratulations Steve H.