Sunday, December 23, 2007

18 months later, the stars are once again aligned!

Was it the group's united Christmas gift to Dan or did Dan simply think it was time to return the trophy back to where it feels most comfortable (Dan's pillow)? All conspiracy theories aside, Dan ended a drought that dated back to pre Bears' Super Bowl season training camp!

The championship table was Cindy (from the table of Mike, Sue and Andy), Mark (Lisa, Steve H., Debbie), 92 point Jan (Dawn,Steve, K.,John) and Dan (Toni, Terri, Beth). Dan held off the furious competition put forth by Cindy and Mark (winners of the previous 4 months) to take home the trophy, giving Jan the queen on the last hand to put her over the top.

This was also our annual Christmas extravaganza dinner and white elephant gift exchange. What would be the "highlight"? Would everyone actually take their gifts home? One of the highlights was a painting (given by Mary) of a topless young lady by an unknown artist. Speculation was that it might have been a younger, more innocent Mary......painted by a hormone-raged Mike? Hmmmm! This painting was the center of additional attention and humor as it was hung above the couch, unnoticed by our hosts, for quite some time. By the way, nice tree topper in the dining room!!