Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sue WINS! Sue WINS!! SueWINS!!!!

Some of the greatest stretches of futility have often made pro sports teams American icons. Something about the frustration and disappointment of another year passing and yet another dream of a championship going unanswered warms the hearts of the masses. Even the non sports fan knew about it when the Red Sox and the White Sox both ended decades of losing and finally grasped the brass ring. One can only imagine the reaction if/when the Cubs are crowned the champs and the chant of "Cubs WIN!!" is screamed from the mouths of people around the world.

Although the people interested in this story may not be as great in pure numbers as in the teams mentioned above, the hearts playing world had just about given up on the prospect of seeing Sue clutching the hearts trophy to her chest and sobbing in pure joy and relief as she finally ended the years of utter failure. Around office water coolers everywhere disbelieving fans could be heard muttering: "Can you believe it?", "Do you you believe in miracles?" "It's been how many years?", "Mark didn't let her win did he?"

As with the Blackhawks being one of the original 6 hockey teams in the NHL, it is only fitting that Sue, as an original member of the Friends and Neighbors Hearts Club, finally got to experience the sweet taste of success. Congratulations Sue on your well deserved victory, going head to head with the hottest player on the circuit (Mark) and bringing him to his knees.