Thursday, July 10, 2008

A 1st timer, a virgin as it were!!

Never say never can be the slogan for the Friends and Neighbors Hearts club for 2008. In May 2008, a determined Jan set her sights on losing her victory virginity as she shamelessly flirted with the 12 inches of solid gold pleasure known as our traveling trophy. For years she has heard wondrous stories of how possessing it could change your life. How nice it is cuddling up with it in bed, how it can be strategically placed in a window to taunt a fellow club member, how great it is to become a member of the elite group known as "Hearts champion". Congratulations Jan on beating 3 former champs for your inaugural victory.

Could lightening strike twice in our club in 2 consecutive months? The tension and anticipation in the air was thick enough to cut with a knife as Sue made a rare run at the trophy. She looked jealously upon the subtle smile of satisfaction that graced Jan's face, a look that could only be known by someone who has experienced the sweet smell of success. Sue bared down with one driving thought in her mind: "If she can do it, I can do it!!" Sue played with the determination of a woman at a 75% off shoe sale, deftly dodging points and establishing herself as the one to beat well into the game. Is this the night, everyone thought? Would the other competitors ease up and let Sue have her shot at glory? It looked that way until the man who coined the phrase "tainted victory" could take it no longer and he knew he had to protect the integrity of being crowned a champion. There are no gifts, you must earn the trophy and besides, a victory on this night would be his 10th career win, moving into a tie for the club lead. Mark put his foot on the throat of the other competitors and took the trophy for the 2nd time in 3 months. Good job Mark, better luck next time Sue. (I know Mark, I agree, you need skill not luck).

Previous winners in 2008 were Beth in January and March (her 6th and 7th) and Terri in February (her third). Be sure to answer the poll question and see the new section "Upcoming Dates".