Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Inspired by the recent joy and triumph of the Easter season, Lisa looked at the April meeting of the hearts club as a chance for a rebirth....a new beginning in her hearts life. One could almost still hear the choirs' joyous refrain of "Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" as Lisa cradled the trophy against her bosom, a tear slowly caressing her cheek. As her shoulders gently shuddered she looked up defiantly at her "competitors" she had just dominated and said through clenched teeth "I knew I would kick your @#%!" As a 2nd place qualifier and on the strength of an unprecedented 3 moon shoots, Lisa did not appear at all concerned with Mark's "tainted victory" comments knowing that she would be cuddling with the trophy on this evening and that all Mark could hope for was a Dutch rudder (if he was lucky).

As usual there was some interesting conversations throughout the evening that had many wondering "what was he/she thinking?" as the words were coming out of their mouths. Why would Dan describe receiving his new job in such a graphic manner? (see 1st picture) Why would Toni ask Beth if Jan had new furniture? Was this strange questioning of Beth prompted by the lack of any discernible "ass grove"? With a consistent long term average attendance hovering around 12 participants, why are we falling back into old habits when it comes to the next hearts meeting? (refer to both February and June 2009 discussions). All valid questions that we may never know the answers to.

If there were any questions why Beth was the grand pooba, imperial wizard of this little club, she put that to rest on this evening. Despite her irritated and disgusted reaction to the men's lack of knowledge of her plans, she overcame this and successfully rolled out a new game for the losers to play. With little thought involved (although the lack of left verse right knowledge was alarming) play moved along quickly and the reaction of the players indicated this was a good addition for the evening. While I believe Mary and Mark won the 1st two games, this author is not committing to tracking this on a go forward basis if this becomes a regular part 2 of the hearts evening.

I would like to confidently state that our next meetings will be May 16 at Cindy's and June 20th at the Krenek's but there seems to be an underlying movement to pick future dates based on the host's preferred attendees.