Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 24, 2007 - a cold and stormy night

Three full tables were hosted by Dan and Lisa despite the severe weather brewing outside. Apparently, the monthly braggin' rights that go with a Hearts' victory is more important than some folks let on!! Dan, John, Mary and Andy were at table 1. Steve, Terri, Beth and Mark were at table 2 and Debbie, Lisa, Toni and Cindy were at table 3. The respective winners were: Andy, Steve and Debbie. Yes, that's the same Steve and Debbie that were at the winners' table last month also. Now, for a Hearts club first: Dan and Toni each had 54 points for the lowest 2nd place score and the right to play for the trophy (although getting to the table as a 2nd place finisher would "taint" any potential victory, right Mark?). After much debate over how to decide who would advance (arm wrestling and rock/paper/scissors were ruled out), Dan got the honor (or shame?) of playing for the trophy.

Andy, determined to get back to the winners' circle for the first time since August 2006, took charge early and after 10 hands, led with 19 points (the other scores were 79, 84, and 78). With the big lead, it appeared Andy let his guard down. Did his thoughts turn to how taking the trophy home would be the best gift he could ever give his main gal? Maybe, as a shoot-the-moon by Dan and a 25 point bloodbath by Andy on the next 2 hands made his insurmountable lead shrink to 8 points!! Despite the little scare (later Andy confided it would just impress Toni that much more!), Andy sucked it up and proved he was a deserving champ tonight. Good job, Andy!

Heard at Hearts:

"We should play Whirlyball."
"How about LaserQuest?"
"We should go on a Hearts cruise."
"This is the worst storm ever!"
"My victory wasn't on the website!"

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Next Meeting: St. Patrick's Day at John's


Anonymous said...

You are going to kill us all with this humor, Dan. I can't stop laughing. I especially liked the bloodbath in red for Valentines Day.

Kayak Man Dan said...

I appreciate the feedback, whoever you are....please sign your notes!