Sunday, May 20, 2007

May 12, 2007 - the 1st double-winner of the year

The excitement level from our last meeting had died down but word must have spread that these games were the place to be as 15 people showed up at Beth's place. We were glad that Mary showed up but disappointed when she had to leave without playing (this may have been her ploy to get a mention in this blog.....Mary?). Debbie felt she could rest on laurels from her previous victory and did not feel she needed to prove anything else regarding her heart's skill as she too elected not to play.

The 13 that actually played were Dan, Sue, Jan and Steve at one table, Toni, Lisa, Andy and Cindy at another and the dreaded 5 player table had John, Beth, Steve, Terri and Mark. The winners advancing to round 2 were Dan, Terri, Andy and the best of the rest Lisa.

Lisa and Andy feverishly gathered in points at the beginning and after the 1st 4 hands they were at 42 and 45 points respectively while Terri and Dan laid low with 8 and 9. The momentum soon began to change as Andy was determined to become the 1st repeat winner of 2007 (can he match the most wins in a year at 5?...we will have to see). While Dan and Lisa faded off from seriously challenging (Lisa's mind was still on her "dividing the meat" activity she had done earlier in the day), Terri and Andy were tied at 58 ten hands into the game. Thirty nine points on the next two hands for Terri put the game away for Andy.

There was a rumor circulating that Terri was going to file a protest trying to argue that she should be able to lead a heart despite the fact that she still had a SPADE in her hand. After a few minutes of fingers to the chest and hands flaying wildly in the air, the game continued and Andy was crowned the champ of May 2007.

Next Meeting: Cindy's on June 9th.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should add a category "Longest current dry spell" which would only include those who have won at least once since record keeping began.