Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Debbie Does Round Lake

The annual trip to the lake was fun as usual with good fun, good friends and the battle for the highly sought after traveling hearts trophy. With all the other distractions and things to do (as well as the fact I did not participate in the championship game), my memory of even who played for the championship is not real clear. The fact that the amount of elapsed time from the event to the actual written account of it is excessive may also contribute to the lame / generic recount of the day's hearts events.

All that being said, Debbie played with the determination of a pit bull with lipstick (oh, sorry, that's hockey, not hearts) and dominated the competition much like another lady by the name of Debbie did to the fine gentlemen of Dallas. Bad, 1970's porn references aside, Debbie did earn her 2nd victory, moving out of the "one hit wonder" category and into the "multiple winner" category. Congratulations Debbie.

Editor's note: The pictures have nothing to do with hearts but they are of Debbie's spouse, with whom I kayaked into Community Park to rescue the Park District's pitching machine after the Ike induced flooding.

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