Sunday, January 18, 2009

2008 - the Kreneks come alive, 2009 Andy wins

I guess I could not muster up the words over the last few months to adequately describe 2008. The Chinese designate an animal each year that is supposed to symbolize and represent that year's particular ying and yang (am I mixing cultures?). If the hearts club were to do the same 2008 would clearly be labelled the year of the Kreneks. Not only did the completion of the infamous pool allow them to host hearts multiple times, the family took home 25% of the trophies. Sue lost her victory virginity mid year and Steve not only ended a loooonnnng winless streak (although a previous winner, it was prior to the creation of this blog) he strung together the elusive double victory, winning the last 2 months of the year.

Could the first meeting of the year see Steve join Cindy in a threesome...oops, I mean could he match Cindy's high water mark of 3 consecutive victories? With only 8 other competitors to beat (or was it only 7 ?) time would only tell. Toni appeared to declare early in the evening she had other plans than to put up any resistance to Steve's dream. She was going to get mentioned in this blog no matter what and she felt her best chance was to do something totally unprecedented. What could that be, you ask? How about accumulating the most points ever in one game? Well she succeeded, "earning" 135 points! WOW!

After the preliminary round, Steve's hopes were still intact as he joined Dan, Andy and Jan in the finals. Andy, riding the wave of unbelievable cards and some unconventional play (just to mess with Dan's mind) dominated the final round to take home the trophy for the 2nd time in the last four months. Congratulations Andy.

There were a couple of interesting non-hearts activities that are worth mentioning. One was during the ladies graze fest that took place after the first round. As all the non finalists sat around the food serving table gorging themselves. Beth, drinking her 2nd hot Irish coffee, could not understand why she felt the urge to fan herself in the middle of winter. Ummm, consuming hot liquor-laced liquids, I wonder what possibly could have caused the sudden warmth?

The 2nd non-hearts activity involved a scavenger hunt as 2 hormone raged teenagers had to obtain a picture of Lisa handing a feminine hygiene product to one of them. When informed that we did not possess one of these such products, they were off only to return with said product in hand. I'm sure this picture will make a few My Space pages. Overall, a good night with only 9 players and Mark and Debbie showing up later in the evening to share some food, drinks and fun into the wee hours of the night.

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